RIAnalysis specialises in developing new and exciting solutions for the finance and investment industry.

We also offer development support services to a number of organisations and can boast a number of high profile asset managers among our current client list

Its staff have extensive practical experience of designing, creating and servicing a number of applications in the fields of Performance Measurement / Attribution and Management Information Systems.

We work alongside our partners and are proud to be a contributor to our new product Teknometry which allows users to focus on key performance information to help them understand the source of their returns and make optimal investment decisions.

RIAnalysis use leading edge technologies to provide clients with Rich Internet Applications that can be accessed from their favourite browser.

Our staff are experienced in developing and supporting applications written using a variety of programming languages including C++, C#, VB and SQL and Web based scripting technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS and XML.

RIAnalysis Limited - Registered in England and Wales | Company Number - 7358066
c/o 3 Greengate
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